Truck types part 2

truckutbildning-1Stacking trucks are also a type of truck that is used when you do not need to lift as high and for shorter journeys. They are available both for pedestrians and occupants and drivers with no seat to sit and pass a weight up to about 2000 kg.


Transporttruckar is also straddle and used as the name indicates, to transport cargo. They can just lift the pallet or load a tiny bit off the floor, enough to displace it. A tranporttruck can carry goods up to about 3000 kg at a time.


Order pickers are another type of stödbenstruck which in turn are divided into low-mid and high pickers depending on how high they reach. With a high pickers can pick goods from shelves that are several feet high. Because at order picking often deals with smaller volumes, these forklifts have smaller capacity than the other types, up to 1000 kg.


Smalgångstruck is another variant of forklifts that are especially compact. They are a type of forklift truck used to stack cargo sideways instead of in driving direction. Its forks are mounted sideways in relation to the direction of travel, which makes it possible to use this type of truck in tight spaces and thus increase efficiency.


Finally, hangingtruck is called a small type of forklift that hooks on the end cap on the trucks so that there is always a truck available for loading in and out of the truck.

Truck types

A forklift is a powered Industrial truck is available in many different models and sizes. Forklifts are used in industry for the lifting, carrying and depositing loads of various types, sizes and weights. They can be powered by diesel, LPG or electricity.


Fork lift trucks is called the type of forklift which occur mostly and as the name suggests is designed in such a way that there is an extra weight in the truck to be able to act as a counterweight to the cargo handling. On some forklifts, you can replace the forks against other types of lifting equipment. This type of forklift is used for jobs that do not require particularly high precision and can handle loads of up to 60 tonnes. They are also the only type of truck that runs outdoors. Among other things, a type of fork lift trucks for stacking containers at ports and boats.


Stödbenstruck is another type of forklift that instead of counterweight makes use of a supporting leg to balance their loads. They carry their loads inside the support surface which means that they do not need as much space. These are divided up based on what they are used for, storing, stacking, transport and orderplocka.


Reach truck known as a popular type of stödbenstruck that are equipped with telescopic tripods that can be adjusted. This makes this type of forklift truck can lift high and is very versatile. It is therefore used extensively at most warehouses to store. A type of this truck is called four-or multi-way truck. They have the ability to be able to make his wheels sideways and then run in all directions so that it can handle both pallets and long goods.

Truckkort C

a-truckutbildningTruckkort C, one must have in order to get the drive wheel loader with gaffelarmar or other working equipment, containertruck, timmertruck, sideloader, grensletruck and telescopic handlers with gaffelarmar or other lifting equipment. It is here where larger trucks that can carry very heavy jobs at several tonnes. These forklifts running outdoors and is used mainly in heavy industry. A grensletruck is no forklift without a type of truck which instead have a spreader with telescoping.


Training for truckkort C is more unusual because it involves large heavy machinery and most employers want to have several years of professional experience in the smaller lorries before they are eligible to drive these trucks. Company training therefore usually internally, so there are very few programs available to private citizens, but for the same reason there are not very many jobs available and it is not a particularly good investment to acquire truckkort C.


Truckkort (D) is required to run the draw and flaktruck and terminal dragtruck. They are the trucks that are used for the transport of goods and other things in its bed or on different types of carts as they draw. To drive these trucks require essentially the same knowledge and skills as driving a car. There are not too many jobs that require short (D) so the same goes for truckutbildningar which provides card D for C that they are not so common, but may not be needed. Adst: Go to

Truckutbildning categories

Forklifts can be categorized by how they are constructed mechanically or based on its intended use. When it comes to truckkort is divided up based on how difficult the lorries, rather they are to run. Truckkort (A) required to run the easiest forklifts and (D) for running the largest and most svårmanövrerade forklifts.


Do you truckkort A may use simpler forklifts that perhaps not even himself goes on, as the low-lift plocktruck stacker, part with or without åkplatta, low-lift provides space for standing or sitting driver and low lifter with or without åkplatta. These are the trucks that are used on the stock for the simplest of tasks.


To get truckkort B you need to learn how to drive a fork lift trucks, high-Bay åkstaplare with standing or seated riders, reach truck, high-Bay plocktruck, smalgångstruck and fyrvägstruck. These are used for the slightly more difficult jobs on inventory.


Most truckutbildningar offers combined courses for truckkort (A) and (B) because it usually requires both to be able to perform all tasks on a larger inventory. In stores and less inventory, it is sufficient, however, usually with short a. Training also takes less time. Truckkort B is required for jobs in bigger warehouses, large department store Gekås, freight terminals, which. An additional advantage to take both cards A and B is that you then have the option to seek a majority of available jobs as truck drivers in Sweden. Are you planning to look for a job in Norway or other countries in the European Union requires both truckkort A and b. Truckutbildning of cards A and B are available from a large number of trainers throughout Sweden. Advertisement: Get a jurist göteborg

Truckkort knowledge

Your theoretical knowledge comes at the end of the training to be tested by any kind of test. In normal circumstances, through a written test where you answer a series of multiple-choice questions. The test must not be written, but if you have special needs, you can also take the test orally.


The practical part of truckutbildningen is for many the fun part. Where you’ll learn how to drive the truck. Before you can get your truckkort you should have learned how to run downhill in both running directions, 90 and 180 degree turns in both running directions both with and without the semi-trailer, if available for the type of truck you educate yourself on, insvängning against inlastningsställe, cargo-handling and loading and unloading from the ground and loading dock and freight handling at higher altitudes. Also included is to learn the day-to-day supervision, checks and maintenance of the truck.


Also the practical skills must be tested before it can be issued a truckkort through a trial which reflects in the form of an obstacle course where you get to show that it can carry out the practical steps that are required and that the man acquired the right safety splash.


Once you have passed both of your sample issue your trainers a training certificate. proof that you have completed training with a passing grade, and that is what is called truckkort.


To join truckutbildning and get truckkort is not particularly difficult, and takes only a few days depending on the trucks you educate yourself on. If for any reason you do not pass any of the tests offer the most trainers the opportunity to do the tests again without having to go on training.

What you learn

pic-truckkortSo what is it you really should learn in a truckutbildning?


According to the Swedish work environment authority rules, the running truck have sufficient knowledge and have been given permission by his employer to drive truck. The social partners have, therefore, worked out common guidelines for what is required. These are called short “TLP10 guidelines for truckförarens knowledge and skills”. These guidelines are described in detail what must be present in order for you to get your truckkort. Trainer approved by AKB is short for Transport trade union work and work environment Council, makes use of this curriculum.


The objective of truckutbildning is to increase security, reduce injuries, improve efficiency and reduce costs by using of trucks. To achieve these goals, during the theoretical part learn more about


  • Risks and safety measures,
  • Traffic Rules,
  • What are the most common forklifts are and how they are constructed,
  • How to work with a truck, the best uploads it, etc.
  • How to handle the goods and materials to work with,
  • Ergonomic working methods to avoid work-related injuries,
  • Security control and daily supervision
  • Handling of dangerous goods.

Truckutbildning education

Truckkort is available from a large number of private trainers. An essential condition is that you must be 18 years of age to attend the training. You need not, however, have passed the high school or have the usual driver’s license! Trucks are divided into four different categories. A-types are low and high-Bay trucks, B-type counterbalanced lift trucks, åkstaplare, telereach trucks, plocktruck and others. C-types, among others. wheel loaders, telehandlers and grensletruck, D-type trucks with traction or flak and terminaldragtruck. All these types require different education and the types that most are (A) and (B) but it is best to acquire training on all types of forklifts when you’re at it. A truckutbildning consists of a theoretical part and a practical part and you are required to pass examinations in two parts before you can get your truckkort. The practical test is usually in to clear a path with different steps without running into the walls or damage your goods. Especially security both for you and your environment is a very important step in your education. After finishing truckutbildning with approved degree granting trainer called truckkort in your name. This is your proof that you have completed the training.


The competition for jobs as forklift driver is today relatively hard in some parts of the country, while mostly in the northern regions is difficult to find qualified staff. In five to ten years ahead, however, the Outlook is expected to be good with a clear competitive advantage for those who not only have basic truckutbildning, but also training that operators of automated forklifts as well as those who can run the heaviest trucks. A popular option for you with truckkort is also working in Norway where salaries are much higher. Ads: Go to

Basic info

Being a forklift driver is a fun and physically varied job both for you who are looking for something casual and those who want to invest in the long term and the first step is of course to get a truckkörkort. Forklift driver is employed among other things by hauliers, lorry and lagerterminaler. Working within the industry carrying man who reading materials between storage, workshop, factory area and loading dock. Other workplaces can be ports, freight terminals, in the commercial sector and sawmills.


As a Hairstylist, you must be able to handle many different types of trucks that fork lift trucks (forklift), reach truck, side loading truck and stödbenstruck. Work as a forklift driver can be heavy, so in addition to good education requires good physics, coordination ability, stress resistance and that it is accurate. However, it is not a problem even for women at driving modern trucks. As a forklift driver, you may also be responsible for the review of automated trucks that can carry enormous quantities at once. Depending on your job description can also work as a forklift driver is combined with other tasks in your workplace as to drive other vehicles and technically manage the maintenance and repair of forklifts.